Celebrating Midget June! Dirty Joke of the Day!

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Celebrating Midget June! Dirty Joke of the Day!.

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Celebrating Midget June! Dirty Joke of the Day!

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Celebrating Midget June! Dirty Joke of the Day!

Tania Estrada Dirty Joke of the Day

What do you get when you cross a gay midget with a vampire?

A cocksucker

When you want things done, do them your DAMN self

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….as some of you may know, I own a baking company specializing in patient needs….Recently, I have decided to expand my market base by NOT discriminating against alcoholics, even though I dont drink. With that said-I needed a logo…a brand…something just as memorable as the patient model….but how do I make a brand? A logo? Well, you would think ‘ask a graphic artist!’…FAIL..over the past few months, I approached several people and all ‘would get back to me with a draft’…today-I had it as these liquor cupcakes are high in demand and I need a ‘FACE’ to distinguish my product with the rest and I just couldn’t wait on empty promises of helping me any longer…I decided to DRAW one my damn self….I was even referred to Istockphoto.com…..at $27.oo per graphic, I decided to pick up a crap pencil w a good eraser a piece of paper and go to town….Here you are ladies and drunk ass men….Bottoms Up Liquor Cupcakes


Bottoms Up Liquor Cupcakes Draft Sketch

Although I am not done, I am damn proud. All by myself;) Even though this is the only thing I have drawn since I played ‘Hangman’ in Korean Elementary school.

Popeye the Homeless Woman?

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Popeye the Homeless Woman?.

Popeye the Homeless Woman?

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I know…I know…even though this could be someone’s mother, clearly-the first thing that struck me as I drove West on Wilshire Blvd is how reminiscent this fine lady was of a strong chin-that of Popeye?

Mz Popeye of Wilshire and Bixel

…but as I sat in my car waiting for the light to turn, I realized what it was that I found most interesting…the fact that it looked like she beat up Ronald McDonald for his top AND a fireman for his pants at the same damn time….and as she ran down the alley, she must of ran into a catcher (see knee pad) and Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost (see purse)
I ain’t making this sh#t up.
Lets not forget the honorable mention of the cart and pink blanket to keep it pushin, good lookin;)I am kinda jealous though…I wish I had that cart so I didn’t have to always make trips back to my car for groceries.

Sesame Shrimp N’ Crab

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Staying fit and healthy in Los Angeles can get trying at times, especially when you have to get creative mixing proteins and your vegetables….Here is a lil something I  whipped up the night before a shoot that left my tastebuds satisfied and my belly flat in the morning 😉

…ok..this wasn’t that hard….

Ingredients: Shrimp, crab, mozzarella cheese, sesame oil, white pepper and spinach

optional ingredient is Polenta-I suggest you thinly slice polenta and pan fry with Pam in a 3rd skillet and serve on plate before Step 4 belowImage

1. Heat a skillet with Pam….add all ingredients except the mozzarella cheese and the  spinach and saute

2. In another skillet, sauté the spinach

3. Add mozzarella cheese to the first skillet

4. Combine skillet 1 and 2 on a plate and serve with a salad.

have nothing to do? Google ‘Bear Attacks’

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Not for the squeamish-it’s occurred to me after speaking to my good dear friend Angela Blackwell, wife of entertainment lawyer William Blackwell, that they FO REALS, are living in the woods…where Bear Attacks can happen at any moment when food is left in your garage-a bear can actually tear a garage door off. So, curious as I am, I googled ‘bear attacks’ and I will only show this….

Something's missing?

Something’s missing?

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