Staying fit and healthy in Los Angeles can get trying at times, especially when you have to get creative mixing proteins and your vegetables….Here is a lil something I  whipped up the night before a shoot that left my tastebuds satisfied and my belly flat in the morning 😉

…ok..this wasn’t that hard….

Ingredients: Shrimp, crab, mozzarella cheese, sesame oil, white pepper and spinach

optional ingredient is Polenta-I suggest you thinly slice polenta and pan fry with Pam in a 3rd skillet and serve on plate before Step 4 belowImage

1. Heat a skillet with Pam….add all ingredients except the mozzarella cheese and the  spinach and saute

2. In another skillet, sauté the spinach

3. Add mozzarella cheese to the first skillet

4. Combine skillet 1 and 2 on a plate and serve with a salad.