I know…I know…even though this could be someone’s mother, clearly-the first thing that struck me as I drove West on Wilshire Blvd is how reminiscent this fine lady was of a strong chin-that of Popeye?

Mz Popeye of Wilshire and Bixel

…but as I sat in my car waiting for the light to turn, I realized what it was that I found most interesting…the fact that it looked like she beat up Ronald McDonald for his top AND a fireman for his pants at the same damn time….and as she ran down the alley, she must of ran into a catcher (see knee pad) and Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost (see purse)
I ain’t making this sh#t up.
Lets not forget the honorable mention of the cart and pink blanket to keep it pushin, good lookin;)I am kinda jealous though…I wish I had that cart so I didn’t have to always make trips back to my car for groceries.