….as some of you may know, I own a baking company specializing in patient needs….Recently, I have decided to expand my market base by NOT discriminating against alcoholics, even though I dont drink. With that said-I needed a logo…a brand…something just as memorable as the patient model….but how do I make a brand? A logo? Well, you would think ‘ask a graphic artist!’…FAIL..over the past few months, I approached several people and all ‘would get back to me with a draft’…today-I had it as these liquor cupcakes are high in demand and I need a ‘FACE’ to distinguish my product with the rest and I just couldn’t wait on empty promises of helping me any longer…I decided to DRAW one my damn self….I was even referred to Istockphoto.com…..at $27.oo per graphic, I decided to pick up a crap pencil w a good eraser a piece of paper and go to town….Here you are ladies and drunk ass men….Bottoms Up Liquor Cupcakes


Bottoms Up Liquor Cupcakes Draft Sketch

Although I am not done, I am damn proud. All by myself;) Even though this is the only thing I have drawn since I played ‘Hangman’ in Korean Elementary school.