About Tania Estrada …

Tania Estrada is a Stand Up Comedian/Actress/Musician in the Los Angeles/Hollywood/Las Vegas comedy  circuits. Born in Los Angeles, California as Tania Patricia Estrada to Colombian mafia refugee parents that relocated to Los Angeles under a witness protection program.

Tania Estrada began to play instruments at the age of 12, with her first instrument being the accordion, after being inspired by musical comedian Weird Al Yankovic. She moved onto electric guitar at 13 and joined her first band at 17. By 19, she was trying out for the rhythm guitar position in Bobsled, where she met Jula Bell, Sharon Needles and Judy Cocuzza of Butt Trumpet and Betty Blowtorch.
In 2001, she met Lexa Vonn and joined the indie cult band , Ophelia Rising, which has been described as Victorias Secret meets Marilyn Manson. In 2002, the band recorded and released ‘Step 1: Acknowledge You Are Part Of The System with the production help of Geza X and Johnny Indovina of Human Drama and mastering at Capitol Records.
Tania returned to the music scene as a rhythm guitarist for the band Lose Your Fear and started Stand Up Comedy classes with Comedy store regular , Adam Barnhardt.
Tania Estrada has worked with Jeff Garcia, Adam Richmond, Jeff Richards, Bridget Eftekhar, Tammy Jo Dearen, Ralph Figueroa, Anyi Malik, Jeffrey Peterson, Big Mike Mitchell and the great Frazer Smith all over California and Las Vegas.
Today, she is considered to be one of the funnniest female hispanic comedians on the circuit, touring with Last Comic standing runner up Adam Richmond and already securing a menu spot on the J Anthony Brown J Spot Comedy Club Celebrity Food Menu as the ‘Tania Estrada’ Slammin’ tacos ‘ after performing one time at the JSPOT and receiving a standing ovation from all the females in the club.
The comedy circuit has helped push Tania into the acting realm in both English and Spanish, already completing movies, Tv shows and a YouTube pilot called ‘The Real Housewives of Compton’
The Real Housewives Of Compton Pilot Episode 1
The Real Housewives Of Compton ‘Who Da Baby Daddy’ Music Video
Tania Estrada in ‘Narco Wars’
Tania Estrada asSloth-7 Deadly Sins
Kat Attack Photography

Tania Estrada as
Sloth-7 Deadly Sins
Kat Attack Photography


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